Saturday, August 29, 2009

Apparently getting married equals becoming a very bad blogger.
Maybe I just don't have interesting things to say anymore?
Or possibly I don't have time?

Or really, its probably that I've been concocting up a food blog (its true, I have. It'll just take a while before I actually launch the thing.)

In any case, I'm alive. And married. And happy. And dreaming up food blogs.

Saturday, March 14, 2009


Thanks to Randall for the image!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

the best things about planning a wedding.
1. Knowing that I'm getting married in a little over 100 days.
2. Registering (and consequently finding out that I am obsessed with the color teal.)
3. Looking forward to joining the 10 syllable name club. Lind-say-Anne-Strann-i-gan -Eal-y-Eld-er. Count em, its 10. (Erica is also in this club. Are you?)
4. Watching Nich try to bond with my cat. He tries so hard, and she will not give of her love.
5. Looking up hotels & honeymoon spots. Dreaming of things we can't afford.
6. Looking up apartments that we love, and dreaming of buying houses we can't afford.
7. Getting in touch with old friends, geeking out with my girls on colors and dresses and ideas.
8. Looking at dresses and accessories and shoes and make up! Gosh, its fun to be a girl.

the worst things about planning a wedding.
1. The lack of sleep
2. The wedding nightmares (I had one nightmare and it was the day of the wedding, but time had magically passed and I hadn't been able to invite anyone and I didn't fit in my dress and I didn't have a veil and I was crying and begging my dad to postpone the ceremony but he wouldn't. It was tragic).
3. The teeth clenching
4. The dieting / joining 24 hour fitness
5.The budgeting

The list could go on, I suppose.
But I actually don't hate all of those things (I do like the exercise and don't mind the budgeting too much). I thrive under pressure. I'm an event planner, for crying out loud!

But...truth be told, the one thing that stinks about planning this wedding is a slight feeling of loss. There are so many people whom I love, yet who I don't have here by my side. I miss my girls (Taylor and Brandon are included in the 'girls' section). I miss the people that know me best. Portland is home now, and I love it dearly. But I dont think I'll ever find such good girl friends again. I am grateful for all of you, and I just wish you were closer!

So, thank you friends who are far away. Even though you are far, I still feel your love and support and excitement. And I know you'll all be here on the big day...and my plan is to sell you on Portland, make you fall in love with the city, and then you'll never leave. Such a good plan!

Sunday, February 22, 2009


I am in St. Louis!
I hadn't seen Becca (my besty) for one and a half years and so Nich and I decided to make the trek out to St. Louis for Mardi Gras weekend. And let me just say, it is so good to be here.
Mike and Kelly are here too!
We braved Mardi Gras on Saturday. It was 20 degrees (at best) and windy and there were lots of drunk people trying to spill their beers all over me. We got a beer or two, a string of beads, and some Jambalaya before deciding that we weren't really the mardi gras type . So we went and ate Pizza and fried raviolis and just hung out at Becca and Darren's apartment.
Yesterday we went to Becca and Darren's church (Darren was in full gear, with his black shirt and white collar. it was great). We also tromped around the City Museum for a few hours....that place is INSANE. And by insane, I mean awesome. There are caves to explore, a 7 story slide (it was slightly terrifying) and hours of endless fun and things to climb on and jump off, etc. Nich was in heaven. Most of us came out with bruises and very sore muscles (I think we are too big or old for some of these activities?). I gashed my shin but it was worth it. I mean, its a 'museum' that lets you run around like a crazy person! Awesome! Then we went and saw the infamous Arch. As nich put it: "I take back everything I ever said about the Arch." It is massive and beautiful and glorious and I had no idea how cool it really was. The tours to the top of the arch were sold out, but I am secretly glad because they looked terrifying.

After all this activity, we were exhausted. So we came home and I made black bean chili and we watched the Oscars (Yay for Slumdog Millionaire!). Twas a good time for all.

And, today is our last day here. I believe we are going to the Zoo (its free!) and we are going to eat some St Louis BBQ tonight and then go to a Chocolate martini bar. I am so excited!

St. Louis has surprised me on a number of different levels. It really is a beautiful city and there a lot of fun things to do. The architecture is gorgeous, and the city is full of old buildings, and character, and parks, and arches (ok, just one arch.). I really like it here. And, of course, it has done my heart a lot of good to be with old friends. These are some of the best people I know! So here's to best friends, and fiancees, and good old Saint Louie.

Saturday, February 07, 2009


So, unless you've been living under a rock or something in the last week, you've probably heard the big news.


Its true.


He proposed on Tuesday evening, during the Sunset at Mount Tabor park, overlooking the city. Oh, and he proposed with a baby cupcake from our fave lil cupcakery. The ring was on top, in the frosting. Too cute for words. I was CONVINCED that he hadn't talked to my parents yet, and that he didn't have a ring yet, so I was most definitely surprised. I guess that is what I get for thinking I know everything?

So the wedding will be in late June, and that is about all I know at this point.

I posted a couple pics for y'all. Unfortunately, pics don't really capture the beauty of this ring (from 1910, Platinum band with engraving, one large circle diamond and two small french cut diamonds!), but you get the idea.

I. am. so. excited.
And if you haven't met Nich yet, you should. He's a good man. The best man I know, in fact.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

So, its been awhile.
I haven't had much motivation to write, though I feel like I have a lot to write about.
The picture of Laura above is one of the few pics I got back from my first roll of film I took on my new Diana camera. Sadly, a lot of the photos didn't turn out (I'm new to lomography), but there are a few gems. I like this one a lot.

I got salmonella poisoning from celery and peanut butter. Or at least I think I did. I ate the stuff and then threw up for the next few days. So, make of that what you will.

And, here it is, the first day of February. A month into the new year. I didn't do a big new year's blog or anything, and I never posted my bests of 2008. But I don't really feel the need to. 2008 was a good year for my soul, and a bad year for music. There were a few good films (Slumdog Millionaire, Man on Wire, Happy Go Lucky, The Wrestler), so I guess there's that.

But, really, I suppose I didn't feel the need to share because things are good. I'm happy here. Penelope is currently fast asleep on my feet (she keeps me warm in the winter, its rather nice of her), and I will wander up to the Albina Press in a few moments to get a glorious espresso beverage from the man I love. Lost is back on (and is amaaaaaazing). Battlestar is back on (and is good, but nothing is ever as good as Lost. ever.). Nich and I even joined a shuffleboard league. Does that make us old people? Or awesome? Or maybe a little of both?

In any case, as far as I can tell, 2009 is going to trump 2008. And that's hard to do, considering 2008 was a pretty good year.
I am excited for the future. There are good things to come.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

So its the new year and I've made some resolutions and a few lists and I've already hit a few hurdles and I am already quite exhausted and I have all these lists to post and things to say but I can never quite find the time. I'm still here, I'm still writing, and I'll post soon enough.

I hope your holidays were happy.
Mine were very happy, indeed.
I think 2009 will be a very different sort of year.